Cheap Hotels in Hangzhou China

Cheap Hotels in Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou, China
From 180.00 CNY per night

Our stay at the Home Inn Zhong He Middle Road was pleasant. The room was clean and the loc.. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
From 180.00 CNY per night

During our stay in Hangzhou we stayed at the Home Inn East Bus Station for two weeks. The .. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
From 189.00 CNY per night

I would recommend staying at the Home Inn Mo Gan Shan when you're in Hangzhou because of t.. Five stars

Hangzhou, China
45 Qingyun Street
From 197.50 CNY per night

We spend two weeks in Hangzhou and found out about the Nanyuan Inn Fengqi from people we m.. Five stars

Hangzhou, China
No.556 Qiutao Road
From 209.62 CNY per night

For three days the Green Tree Inn Qiutao Road Hotel felt like our second home. The food wa.. Five stars

Cheap Hotels Hangzhou

Hangzhou, China
Shangtang Road 117,Hangzhou
From 232.39 CNY per night

The Home Inn Shangtang Road in Hangzhou was ok and we had a good stay. The hotel room was .. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
No.288 Qiutao Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
From 232.39 CNY per night

Good location, not too far from the centre and ok stay. Hotel staff was friendly and helpf.. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
No. 252 Moganshan Road
From 235.19 CNY per night

We heard of the Orange Hotel Moganshan Road from some friends ho visited Hangzhou before a.. Five stars

Hangzhou, China
148-5 Nanshan Road
From 238.00 CNY per night

Nice hotel with great designed rooms and a beautiful city view. An easy walk to all the at.. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
No.310 Wenyi Road, Xihu District
From 241.00 CNY per night

I picked up a brochure of the Nanyuan Inn Wenyi and was happy we were able to book a room... Four stars

Hangzhou, China
60 Xiangji Road
From 276.76 CNY per night

Maybe one of the better hotels in Hangzhou because of its central location and great facil.. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
No.579 Shi Xiang Road, Gongshu District
From 317.97 CNY per night

The Haiwaihai International Hotel is a great hotel and I don't think I can think of any ne.. Five stars

Hangzhou, China
106 Tianmu Shan Road
From 325.97 CNY per night

The Huguang Hotel made my stay in Hangzhou perfect! I wanted to surprise my wife with a ca.. Five stars

Hangzhou, China
No. 17 Huansha Road
From 338.00 CNY per night

Beautiful rooms with a large and comfortable bed and a very helpfull staff. I would recomm.. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
149-3 Qingcun Road
From 350.00 CNY per night

I loved staying at the Hangzhou Commercial Center and didn't want to leave! Of course we c.. Five stars

Hangzhou, China
Qiantangjiang, South Bridge,Binjiang District
From 358.00 CNY per night

We had a lovely stay in the New Century Zhijiang Holiday Resort and really enjoyed our day.. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
326 North Qiutao Road Qiutao Bei Lu
From 388.00 CNY per night

I would recommend staying at the Hangzhou Tianma Hotel in Hangzhou because of its good loc.. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
No.86 Youdian Road
From 403.00 CNY per night

The Renhe Hotel was good, everything I needed for my two days in Hangzhou. The rooms were .. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
No. 122 Qingbo Street, Nanshan Road
From 405.12 CNY per night

When you're going to Hangzhou, the Crystal Orange Hotel is a good option because of the gr.. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
99 Huansha Road
From 406.38 CNY per night

A very relaxing stay in Hangzhou. Beautiful room, great location and all kinds of faciliti.. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
9 Huanglong Road Huanglong Lu
From 438.00 CNY per night

The view from our room was amazing! I loved staying at the The Joy Hotel Zhejiang and didn.. Five stars

Hangzhou, China
18, Zhangsheng Road
From 438.00 CNY per night

I would recommend staying at the Zhejiang Media Hotel in Hangzhou because of its good loca.. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
491 Moganshan Road, Xihu District
From 450.00 CNY per night

Travelling by car I was pleased to see that the Xiangyuan Hotel had enough parking space a.. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
From 467.96 CNY per night

During our holiday in Hangzhou we stayed at the West Lake Golden Plaza Hotel. The hotel wa.. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
From 473.00 CNY per night

I went to Hangzhou on a business trip so my accomodation was already arranged. I stayed at.. Four stars

Hangzhou, China
78 East Qingchun Road Qingchun Dong Lu
From 485.43 CNY per night

The Amethyst Hotel is perfect for a short holiday or a romantic getaway as its located in .. Five stars

Hangzhou, China
From 486.00 CNY per night

Compliments for the staff at the Lakeside Hotel in Hangzhou. Their customer care service c.. Five stars

Hangzhou, China
From 493.74 CNY per night

The Crowne Plaza Grand Canal Hotel was perfect for us and even our kids had a great time h.. Five stars

Hangzhou, China
Shuangxi Scenic Area, Jingshan Town
From 630.00 CNY per night

I didn't have a hard time finding the Hangzhou Luyu Resort, it was one of the first hotels.. Five stars

Hangzhou, China
Nanyuan Business Town, Linping, Yuhang District
From 648.00 CNY per night

When I was in Hangzhou I stayed a week in the Garden Hotel. Great location, ok rooms and c.. Four stars