Cheap Hotels in Huzhou China

Cheap Hotels in Huzhou, China

Huzhou, China
Middle Tianmu Road, Dipu Town, Anji County
From 170.00 CNY per night

During our holiday in Huzhou our stay at the Meilin Hotel was one of the highlights and we.. Five stars

Huzhou, China
Intersection of Shengli Road and Pedestrian Street
From 200.00 CNY per night

When you're going to Huzhou, the Yuantong Hotel is a good option because of the great deal.. Four stars

Huzhou, China
679 Middle Tianhuangping RoadTianhuangping Zhong Lu, Dipu
From 216.67 CNY per night

We stayed in Huzhou for 7 days and decided to book ahead at the Anji Borui Holiday Hotel b.. Four stars

Huzhou, China
Harbor of Tianhuangping Town
From 226.00 CNY per night

I didn't have a hard time finding the Anji Dazhuhai Holiday Resort, it was one of the firs.. Five stars

Huzhou, China
South Tianhuangpin Road
From 236.67 CNY per night

Beautiful rooms with a large and comfortable bed and a very helpfull staff. I would recomm.. Four stars

Cheap Hotels Huzhou

Huzhou, China
At the intersection of Puyuan Road and Pedestrian Street
From 273.33 CNY per night

Nice and practical hotel in Huzhou with good parking facilities. Our room was tidy, clean .. Four stars

Huzhou, China
Zhongnan Baicaoyuan Tourism Vacation Zone,Ma'anshan Village,Dipu
From 298.00 CNY per night

During our holiday in Huzhou our stay at the Hongnan Baicao Garden was one of the highligh.. Five stars

Huzhou, China
8 East Shengli Road Shengli Dong Lu,Dipu
From 300.00 CNY per night

The Baihui Hotel was good, everything I needed for my two days in Huzhou. The rooms were c.. Four stars

Huzhou, China
Daxi Village, Tianhuangping
From 350.00 CNY per night

Our stay at the Jiulongxia Holiday Resort was pleasant. The room was clean and the locatio.. Four stars

Huzhou, China
659 Wuyuan Street , Wukang Town , Deqing County
From 351.50 CNY per night

During our holiday in Huzhou our stay at the Metropark Hotel was one of the highlights and.. Five stars

Huzhou, China
719 Middle Tianhuangping Road Tianhuangping Zhong Lu
From 360.00 CNY per night

The travel agency booked our stay at the Athens Palace Hotel and we had a great time. The .. Four stars

Huzhou, China
48 West Shengli Road Shengli Xi Lu
From 380.00 CNY per night

As soon as I walked in the Anji International Holiday Hotel I felt this place was the righ.. Four stars