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Rizhao, China
59 Qinghuangdao Road Qinhuangdao Lu

The Linghai Hotel Linghai Dajiudian is close to Wanpingkou beach and Forest Park. The hotel features presidential suites, business rooms and deluxe suites.

We had a lovely stay in the Linghai Hotel and really enjoyed our days in Rizhao. The hotel had a goo.. Four stars

The Linghai Hotel made my stay in Rizhao perfect! I wanted to surprise my wife with a candle lit din.. Five stars

Rizhao, China
Guan Zhang Road Huang Jiang Town

Windsor Park Hotel is a five-star business hotel in Huangjiang town, Dongguan. The hotel has 260 guest rooms furnished in various interior designs offering all kinds of services to meet your traveling needs.
Price: From 358 CNY per night

The Windsor Park Hotel made our trip to Rizhao even better and I was happy the travel agent found us.. Five stars

The Windsor Park Hotel was good, everything I needed for my two days in Rizhao. The rooms were clean.. Four stars

Rizhao, China
1 Huanghai Yi Road Huanghai Yi Lu

The Huamei Hotel Huamei Jiudian is located in the financial and business centers of Richao city within easy reach of the Economic Development Zone, scenic area, the train station and bus station. This Rizhao hotel has various rooms ranging from deluxe suites to deluxe standard rooms with views of the ocean.
Price: From 158 CNY per night

I loved the Huamei Hotel for its central position. From the hotel it was a short walk to all the mai.. Four stars

Very positive atmosphere at the Huamei Hotel, friendly staff, clean spaces and good service, great c.. Five stars

Rizhao, China
Wanpingkou World Yachting Competition BaseWanpingkou Shifansai Jidi

The Haina Jianguo Hotel Haina Jianguo Junhao Jiudian is located in the Wanpingkou Seaside Scenic Area with the National Water Sports Training Base close by. The hotel consists of two buildings: the South Building is the guestroom building while the North Building is the dining and recreation building.
Price: From 350 CNY per night

We heard of the Hainajianguo Hotel from some friends ho visited Rizhao before and they were really p.. Five stars

Good location, not too far from the centre and ok stay. Hotel staff was friendly and helpful... Four stars

Rizhao, China
18,Zhaoyang Road

Detal Hotel Detai Dajiudian is located on the intersection of ancient and new downtown areas of Rizhao city. The restaurant's specialty is Shandong dishes and western cuisine is also available.
Price: From 248 CNY per night

The view from our room was amazing! I loved staying at the Detal Hotel and didn't want to leave. A g.. Five stars

During our stay in Rizhao we stayed at the Detal Hotel for two weeks. The hotel room had a great vie.. Four stars

Rizhao, China
No.35 Hai Bin Wu Road

Shanshui Hotel is a 3-star business hotel. The hotel offers deluxe suites, business suites, deluxe single rooms and top grade standard rooms.

I went to Rizhao on a business trip so my accomodation was already arranged. I stayed at the Shanshu.. Four stars

Beautiful rooms with a large and comfortable bed and a very helpfull staff. I would recommend the Sh.. Four stars

Rizhao, China
96 Xinghai Road Xinghai Lu

The Artwell International Hotel Yehe Guoji Dajiudian is located on Xinghai Road within easy reach of the east train station, the bus station and highway exits. This Rizhao hotel has a variety of cozy rooms to choose from.
Price: From 360 CNY per night

We spend two weeks in Rizhao and found out about the Artwell International Hotel from people we met .. Five stars

During our holiday in Rizhao our stay at the Artwell International Hotel was one of the highlights a.. Five stars