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Weihai, China
7 Huanhai Road, Huancui District

The Hai Yun Tian Hotel Haiyuntian dajiudian , located on the east of the city center, about 7km away. The hotel is facing the famous sight - Liugong Island.

Even the lobby is beautiful at the Hai Yun Tian Hotel and we were so surprised when we saw our room .. Five stars

Travelling by car I was pleased to see that the Hai Yun Tian Hotel had enough parking space around t.. Four stars

Weihai, China
2 Qingdao Bei Road

This 5 star facilities hotel enjoy a good location adjacent to the long distance bus station and is the tallest hotel in Weihai. The Weihai CITIS Hotel Zhongxin jiudian boasts different type guestrooms and suites, all of them are spacious and comfortably equipped.

Great hotel, friendly staff and good facilities... Four stars

I'm glad I came across the CITIC Hotel in Weihai, a great holiday!.. Four stars

Weihai, China
56 Binhai Bei Road

The Golden Seashore Hotel Jinhai'an dajiudian is a 3 star hotel located at the Weihai Seashore Park. It is about 40km from the airport and 5km from the railway station.

Weihai has a lot of nice hotels and I think the Golden Seashore Hotel was one of the many good choic.. Five stars

As soon as I walked in the Golden Seashore Hotel I felt this place was the right one! Our holiday in.. Four stars

Weihai, China
130 North Huanhai Road Huanhai Bei Lu

The Shandong University Academic Center Weihai Guoji Xueshu Zhongxin is conveniently located near Mount Majia and the Weihai International bathing beach. Just five km from the city's downtown area, the hotel is also a mere 15 km from the Weihai Railway Station.
Price: From 300 CNY per night

I'm happy we stayed at the Interneational Academic Senter Shandong University Hotel in Weihai becaus.. Four stars

A very relaxing stay in Weihai. Beautiful room, great location and all kinds of facilities... Four stars

Weihai, China
No.18,Haibin North Road

The Weihai Haixing Hotel Haixing Dajiudian is located at No. 18 Haibin Nan Lu near the Haishang and Weihai Parks.

Very positive atmosphere at the Haixing Hotel, friendly staff, clean spaces and good service, great .. Five stars

The Haixing Hotel made my stay in Weihai perfect! I wanted to surprise my wife with a candle lit din.. Five stars

Weihai, China
405 Tongyi Road Tongyi Lu

The Weihai Sophia Hotel Weihai Sofeiya Shangwu Jiudian is at the north side of the traffic light near Fortune Plaza. The hotel is one km from the city center and ten km from Weihai Railway station.
Price: From 208 CNY per night

Compliments for the staff at the Sophia Hotel in Weihai. Their customer care service couldn't be bet.. Five stars

Staying at the Sophia Hotel was good. We got a cheap package deal so we were really surprised by the.. Four stars

Weihai, China
10 West Wenhua Road, Gao District

Yuanchuang Hotel Weihai , located in the hi-tech development zone , is a 4 star business hotel of Korean style. Well designed and carefully decorated , the hotel is characteristic of Korean flavor.
Price: From 189.77 CNY per night

Very positive atmosphere at the Yuanchuang Hotel, friendly staff, clean spaces and good service, gre.. Five stars

During my stay in Weihai I had booked for one week at the Yuanchuang Hotel. The room was clean and t.. Four stars

Weihai, China
Huanhai Road,NO.15

The Electronic Hotel of Weihai Weihai Dianzi Binguan is located at No. 15, Huanhai Lu, Weihai with a mountain behind, the hotel is facing the sea and next to Haiyuan Park.
Price: From 200 CNY per night

Very positive atmosphere at the Dianzi Hotel, friendly staff, clean spaces and good service, great c.. Five stars

Our stay at the Dianzi Hotel was good. The staff at the hotel reception was really helpful... Four stars

Weihai, China
88 Dandong Road, High-Tech Zone

The Jinhou Business Hotel Weihai is perfectly located for both business and leisure guests to Jinan.This 3-star hotel offers 72 comfortable guestrooms with a range of in-room facilities suitable for the modern traveler.
Price: From 199.03 CNY per night

I picked up a brochure of the Jin Hou Business Hotel and was happy we were able to book a room. Love.. Four stars

A very relaxing stay in Weihai. Beautiful room, great location and all kinds of facilities... Four stars

Weihai, China
No.46,North Haibin Road

Weisheng Hotel Weisheng Dajiudian is two min.-walk to the Tour Dock, 1 km away from downtown, 6 km away from Weihai Railway Station. The restaurant in the hotel boasts 8 private dining rooms.
Price: From 190 CNY per night

Me and my collegue booked two rooms at the Weisheng Hotel during our business trip to Weihai. Unfort.. Four stars

The Weisheng Hotel is great if you're looking for a hotel in Weihai with a great location. You can e.. Four stars

Weihai, China
NO.298 Wenhua Xi Road

Weihai Zhonghui Hotel Weihai Zhonghui Dajiudian is located at No. 298, Wenhua Xi Lu, Weihai.
Price: From 220 CNY per night

I didn't have a hard time finding the Zhonghui Hotel, it was one of the first hotels I found online .. Five stars

Maybe one of the better hotels in Weihai because of its central location and great facilities. We re.. Four stars

Weihai, China
102 Shenyang Road Shenyang Lu

Weihaia's East Freedom Apartment Hotel Ziyou Dongfang Gongyu Jiudian is located in the high-tech zone's business center and is convenient to a major beach. Rooms feature broadband internet access and various decorative themes such as Mediterranean Sea, Hawaii, Japane'Taiwan.

The East Freedom ApartHotel is a great hotel and I don't think I can think of any negative points. I.. Five stars

The view from our room was amazing! I loved staying at the East Freedom ApartHotel and didn't want t.. Five stars

Weihai, China
12 East Wenhua Road Wenhua Dong Lu

The White Swan Hotel Baitian'e Binguan is located at the heart of Weihai, close to the Weihai Municipal government buildings. Peoplea's Square is to the east.
Price: From 260 CNY per night

I'm happy we stayed at the White Swan Hotel in Weihai because the location couldn't be better... Four stars

I loved the White Swan Hotel for its central position. From the hotel it was a short walk to all the.. Four stars

Weihai, China
64 Haibin Bei Road

The Haibin Mansion Haibin dasha is a 3 star facilities hotel located in the city center. The hotel is well located for transport links being about 500 meters from the bus station, 10km from the railway station, and 40km from the airport.

Very positive atmosphere at the Haibin Mansion Hotel, friendly staff, clean spaces and good service,.. Five stars

The Haibin Mansion Hotel in Weihai was ok and we had a good stay. The hotel room was clean and the s.. Four stars