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Yangjiang, China
Mashui, Yangchun, Yangjiang, Guangdong, China.

A three-hour drive from Guangzhou, the Chundu Hotspring Resort is surrounded by mountains on three sides making it a great getaway from the city. The hotel's rustic ecological design and access to the Niton Hot Spring which reaches temperatures of 79.

During our stay in Yangjiang we stayed at the Chundu Hotspring Resort for two weeks. The hotel room .. Four stars

I loved staying at the Chundu Hotspring Resort and didn't want to leave! Of course we came to visit .. Five stars

Yangjiang, China
52 Second Dongfeng Road Dongfeng Er Lu

and lt;br and gt;The Ming Tien Inn Yangjiang Mingdian Shanglu Jiudian is located in the Yuanyang Lake Scenic Area, Guangdong, with the Ming Tien Coffee Language cafe on its 2nd floor. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, free broadband internet access access and domestic direct-dial phones.
Price: From 180 CNY per night

We spent just one night in Yangjiang and booked at the Ming Tien Inn through the internet. The room .. Four stars

Great option in you want to visit Yangjiang but don't want to stay in a hotel or hostel too far from.. Four stars

Yangjiang, China
Dajiao Bay Dajiao Wan, Zhapo

The Fuhai Hotel Yangjiang Fuhai Jiudian is situated at the Dajiao Bay entrance to Hailing Island. It is convenient to major tourist sites such as Silver Beach and Mawei Island.
Price: From 170 CNY per night

The Fuhai Hotel truly made my holiday in Yangjiang perfect! I loved their soft pillows and bathroom .. Five stars

The Fuhai Hotel made my stay in Yangjiang perfect! I wanted to surprise my wife with a candle lit di.. Five stars

Yangjiang, China
No.16 Deng Feng Dong Road

Yuehai Hotel Yangjiang Yuehai Jiudian is on East Dengfeng Road. There is a shopping street on its west side and Yuanyang Lake Scenic Area on its east side.

I would recommend staying at the Yuehai Hotel in Yangjiang because of its good location and good ser.. Four stars

The Yuehai Hotel made my stay in Yangjiang perfect! I wanted to surprise my wife with a candle lit d.. Five stars

Yangjiang, China
South Lvyou Avenue Lvyou Dadao, Zhapo Town

The Yangjiang Sunrise Hotel, located in the AAAA scenic area of Dajiao Bay, Hailing Island, is host to a beautiful, European-style garden covering an area of 6,000 sqm complete with fountains and an abundance of flora. The hotel's facilities include nightclubs, meeting rooms, a sauna, tea houses,a tennis court and internet access access.
Price: From 140 CNY per night

The Sunrise Hotel is a great hotel and I don't think I can think of any negative points. I stayed th.. Five stars

A very relaxing stay in Yangjiang. Beautiful room, great location and all kinds of facilities... Four stars

Yangjiang, China
West Hubin Road Hubin Xi Lu

and lt;br and gt;Opened to the public in 2007, Yangjiang Phoenix Hotel Yangjiang Fenghuang Jiudian is located by Yanshan Lake, with easy transportation access to scenic areas like Yangchun. The hotel features a combination of Mediterranean construction style and Oriental landscaping.

We visited Yangjiang in august and had booked our two weeks holiday at the Phoenix Hotel through a d.. Four stars

We stayed in Yangjiang for 7 days and decided to book ahead at the Phoenix Hotel because of the high.. Four stars