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Budaors, Hungary
Lang utca 5

The Tichy Panzio and Cafe Rocco is perfectly located for both business and leisure guests to Budaors.The Tichy Panzio and Cafe Rocco boasts a convenient location with modern amenities in every guestroom and superb service.
Price: From 9,424.22 HUF per night

Budaors, Hungary
Budapesti ut 15.

The Adler Panzio can be found in the centre of Budaapara;rs, at the western gate to Budapest, only a few 100 metres from the exit of the M1-M7 highways.Budapest's city centre is only 20 minutes by bus 8 km away and services run frequently all day from the nearby bus stop.
Price: From 15,617.28 HUF per night