Hotel Chisun Resort Churaumi Okinawa

Chisun Resort Churaumi Okinawa

Chisun Resort Churaumi

938, Ishikawa, Aza, Motobu - Town, Okin, Okinawa Japan
Hotel Description

Chisun Resort Okinawa Churaumi is a place of relaxation and luxury. Eat Play and unwind. Enjoy a full-on resort experience against a backdrop of beautiful abundant nature you can only find on a tropical island. See feel and taste all that this paradise land has to offer and experience its wondersw to your hearts content. At the sun slowly sets behind the horizon the lejima Tatchu Mountain which spreads gracefully across the East China Sea begins to desplay its magnificant silhouette. That is the time of true bliss and contentment. It is a magical view that only Chisun Resort Okinawa Churaumi our little hideaway with the name of Beautiful Sea can offer.

Hotel Location:
Location of Chisun Resort Churaumi 938 Ishikawa Motobu-cho Kunigami-gun Okinawa Japan. Latitude 26.695335 Longitude 127.879471. Right next to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium 0.1km SW 1-min-walk from Chisun Resort Okinawa Churaumi The Okinawa Churaumi Aquariu with the colorful paintings of coral reefs and tropical fish is home to a few of the worlds largest fish the whale sharks and world famous manta rays. The aquarium has three theme zones. Entering from the 4th follr entrance visitors discover the sea f corals The Kuroshio The Japanese Current zone has the worlds biggest acrylic panel 8.2m in height 22.5m in width and 60cm thick. There is also deep-sea world zone with its luminescent living creatures. A total underwater experience while staying on the gound. Opens 0830-1830 Oct-Feb 0800-2000 Mar-Sep. Bise Fukugi Trees 1km N The conforting deep green tows of Fukugi are ancient scenery of Okinawa communities seen today. Most of the nearly 259 houses in the Bise district a village divided like a chessbord are surrounded by thickly grown Fukugi trees. Scerery seen in such communities is common to Okinawa where there are many typhoons. Fukugi have been used as windbreaks in Okinawa from ancient times. They were especially planted around houses in communities near the sea. Among the several thousands in Bise the oldest one is estimated to be 300years old. Nakijin Castle Ruins 11km E Elevated on a 90-100meter high hill the sole castle that dates from the former northern Okinawa Kingdom. A long time ago the Ryukyus were divided in three kingdoms. One of theese kindgoms was the Hukuzan Kindom located in northern Okinawa and ruled from Nakijin Castle. On 90-100 high hill the castile is set on a ravin and is 70-80m long from north to east. Ramparts made of Ryukyu limestone are 3-8meters in hight with a total length exceeding 1.5km. The castle has eight enclosuresand a lovely stone pavement road goes from the castle entrance to the main enclosure.

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From 24,000 JPY per night

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