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Himeji, Japan

Himeji is a rich historical city and retains its heritage. Most of sightseeing points are located centrally, including Himeji Castle, which is one of the famous Japanese Samurai Castle.
Price: From 6,782.78 JPY per night

Himeji, Japan
195-9 Ekimae --

The hotel is budjet hotel and in a convenient for business and sightseeing, with easy access to another city as there is the station for bullet train close to the hotel 0906yy The buiding is high-rise modern in type with white color. The hotel shares the same building with other offices.

Himeji, Japan
1-50-3 Hojo-Guchi

Located in the station area, convenient for both business and travel. Himeji Castle nearby.
Price: From 5,800 JPY per night