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Sasebo, Japan

Just six minutes from the JR Nagasaki train station, the Chisun Grand Nagasaki is located six minutes from Dejima and 10 minutes from China town. The hotel is continently located for both business and leisure travelers.
Price: From 12,009.16 JPY per night

Sasebo, Japan

The Chisun Grand Sasebo is a moderate priced hotel conveniently located in downtown Sasebo minutes from the longest shopping mall in Japan and located across the Sasebo River from U.S.
Price: From 9,800 JPY per night

Sasebo, Japan
10 Huis Ten Bosch-Cho Sasebo

Location. Set in the second-largest city in the Nagasaki Prefecture, the ANA Hotel JR Huis Ten Bosch sits along the southeastern edge of Sasebo, opening up to the Omura Bay.