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Rabat, Morocco
14 Rue Saniat Sabounji

Riad a la Belle Etoile is a cosy traditional guest house near Rabat , the capital of Morocco. Located at the edge of Sale's medina , just across the river from its twin city Rabat , it offers wonderful views of this bustling town and a pleasant insight into the Moroccan way of life.
Price: From 871.84 MAD per night

Rabat, Morocco
3,5 Rue Zebdi

Located in the heart of Rabat, Riad Kalaa is set within the walls of the medina and welcomes you close to the ocean. It boasts a swimming pool.
Price: From 1,716.09 MAD per night

Rabat, Morocco
1, Rue Nador

The Bouregreg 3 stars hotel is located at the centre of Rabat, opposite the rampart which encloses old Medina, giving a panoramic sight on Rabat-Sale.The 60 rooms spread across 3 floors in the Hotel Bouregreg.
Price: From 414.89 MAD per night