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Tomar, Portugal
Rua 25 De Abril, N 16 Curvaceiras

Set in a serene location in the heart of Ribatejo, close to Tomar, this beautiful 17th century house is ideal for a restful break.Maintaining the traditions of a typical rural house, Casa da Avo Genoveva is surrounded by lush greenery and large old palm trees.
Price: From 50 euros per night

Tomar, Portugal
Cem Soldos

Quinta da Anunciada Velha is a rural property whose history dates back to the roman ages and has been inhabited since the 12th century. The boarding fee includes breakfast and it also offers ample facilities for weddings or other parties, seminars, concerts, et.

Tomar, Portugal

Located in historic Tomar, a town which was once headquarters of the KnightsTemplar in Portugal, this guest house radiates a rustic charm.The ideal starting point for excursions in and around Tomar, Residencial Trovador features 30 comfortable guest rooms.
Price: From 35 euros per night