Cheap Hotels in Mobile United States

Cheap Hotels in Mobile, United States

Mobile, United States
1520 Matzenger Drive
From 51.99 USD per night

When you're going to Mobile, the Port City Inn is a good option because of the great deals.. Four stars

Mobile, United States
5650 Tillmans Corner Pkwy.
From 59.99 USD per night

During our holiday in Mobile our stay at the Quality Inn was one of the highlights and we .. Five stars

Mobile, United States
7688 Moffett Road
From 69.95 USD per night

Nice hotel in a characteristic part of Mobile and close to the shops, bars and restaurants.. Four stars

Mobile, United States
5170 Motel Court
From 79.00 USD per night

The La Quinta Inn & Suites was a pretty good choice and it had all the comforts we needed... Four stars

Mobile, United States
359 Church Street
From 86.67 USD per night

Travelling by car I was pleased to see that the Malaga Inn had enough parking space around.. Four stars

Cheap Hotels Mobile

Mobile, United States
1350 W I-65 Service Rd South
From 95.00 USD per night

Compliments for the staff at the Value Place Hotel Pleasant Valley in Mobile. Their custom.. Five stars

Mobile, United States
62 South Royal Street
From 109.00 USD per night

Attentive staff, nice room and a lot of tourist information available. The Hampton Inn & S.. Four stars