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Caracas, Venezuela
Av.Francisco Solano Lopez Con Calle Negrin

Executive Flats is a new project started in January 2009, and placed in the centre of Caracas, specifically in the famous Solano Residential Centre, a great building made in 1998, winner of the national architectural prize of Venezuela, and considered as one of the best residential projects of the city. It is made of 3 big independent towers with 21 floors each one, and each one of the floors having more than 800 apartments, 3 banks including the Bank of Venezuela Santander, one chemist's, one laundry, one bakery and one supermarket.

The Apartamentos Executive Flats made our trip to Caracas even better and I was happy the travel age.. Five stars

The Apartamentos Executive Flats truly made my holiday in Caracas perfect! I loved their soft pillow.. Five stars