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Travel Blogs Dambulla

Travel Blogs Dambulla

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Dambulla in Central, Sri Lanka

Dambulla is a city located in Sri Lanka, Asia.

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Travel Blogs Dambulla

Asia » Sri Lanka » Dambulla
31 October 2011
Dambulla Sri Lanka

Like I wrote in my previous blog about my stay in Kandy it was my plan to visit a tea factory and finally get to see how these leaves are collected and processed.

The area around the city of Dambulla is a good place to go on such a tour and as many tourists visit this part of Sri Lanka you will not be the only one visiting the tea plantations.

I had the chance to visit the Ampittiyakande Tea Factory and it was a very interesting day unlike other sightseeing trips I had done around Sri Lanka and I had no idea...

Asia » Sri Lanka » Dambulla
17 May 2011
Dambulla Sri Lanka

From Sigiriya it wasn't a long trip to reach Dambulla the home of the largest cave temple complex in Sri Lanka and who knows entire Southeast Asia.

The cave temple complex in Dambulla is also the city's major tourist attraction and as soon as you enter this site you will understand why as discover the five out of 80 caves that have been opened to the public.