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Travel Blogs Ko Lipe

Ko Lipe in Satun, Thailand

Ko Lipe is a city located in Thailand, Asia.

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Travel Blogs Ko Lipe

Asia » Thailand » Ko Lipe
05 May 2012
Ko Lipe Thailand

The Island of Ko Lipe is like a dream and not to be compared to any other Thai island which pretty much are a mix between beach activities, partying and foot massages which obviously is all great but Ko Lipe is something else!

I could describe this island as the perfect honeymoon getaway with the island being surrounded by other small idyllic islands where tourists are not as common...

Asia » Thailand » Ko Lipe
07 January 2010
The Ferry speedboat driver  Ko Lipe

Ko Lipe is an island with the Adang-Rawi archipelago and is located in the southern tip of Thailand, close to the Malaysian border. Lipe is a more tranquil option and not to be compared to party islands like Ko Phi Phi, Ko Samui or Ko Phan Ngan.

Ko Lipe is a true paradise for people who like to slow down, relax on the beach and enjoy drinks and good food on the beach. There are no ATM's or supermarkets on the island, just little shops and restaurants.

In the evening you can have dinner in your resort or choose a restaurant on the beach. The seafood dishes in Ko Lipe are delicious...

Asia » Thailand » Ko Lipe
24 December 2009
The beach from in front of Mountain Resort Ko Lipe

The best island in Thailand is Ko Lipe. No doubt! Such a beatiful place. I was there for a 4 days and stayed at the Mountain Resort Koh Lipe. The view was great and I think the beach was the best one I have seen in Thailand.

The resort has a restaurant with a beautiful view on the beach. The food was also great there. Koh Lipe is such a relaxing place, there are not so many people...