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Travel Blogs Launceston

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Launceston in Tasmania, Australia

Launceston is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Launceston

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30 December 2009
Tasmanian Devils in their Habitat Launceston

The Tasmania Zoo is Launceston is one of the famous breeding grounds for the Tasmanian Devil. Not only can you come and watch the devils in their natural habitat but you can also get to witness the Tasmanian Devils at feeding time.

The Tasmanian Devil Feeding Times are 7 days a week at 10.30 am, 1 pm and 3.30 pm. At these times you can not only witness the feeding but also get the...

Oceania » Australia » Launceston
21 November 2009
Beautiful Dove Lake Launceston

We left the east coast to head inland in direction of Launceston, Tasmania's second largest settlement after Hobart. We decided to spend to days in Launceston to be able to visit the Cradle Mountain National Park and drive back to Hobart the second day without feeling like we had to hurry.

Launceston has a lot of shops and after a long drive on Tasmania's east coast it's the first main city where you'll find some civilisation:)

Launceston itself is worth a visit eventhough we didn't spend a lot of time in town because we drove off to Cradle Mountain in the western part of Tasmania.