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Travel Blogs Manama

Travel Blogs Manama

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Manama in Capital, Bahrain

Manama is a city located in Bahrain, Middle East.

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Travel Blogs Manama

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama
08 February 2011
Manama Bahrain

After a very nice stay in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates, where we would return later on, our Deliziosa Cruise continued its journey in direction of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We docked in Manama, the capital city of Bahrain Island, which is the largest island of the Bahrain archipelago and located east of Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf.

Besides a country...

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama
20 April 2010
Photos of the Camel Farm near Manama  Manama

Manama is the capital of Bahrain with a beautiful skyline and a very developed city centre. The CBD of the city is packed with tall skyscrapers and compared to the rolling sand dunes on the rest of the island this city really stands out.

Manama has two pair of twin towers, the ones of the Bahrain World Trade Centre and those of the Bahrain Financial Harbor which look out over the...