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Travel Blogs Luxor

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Luxor in Al Uqsur, Egypt

Luxor is a city located in Egypt, Africa.

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Travel Blogs Luxor

Africa » Egypt » Luxor
31 May 2011
Luxor Egypt

To celebrate our 25th anniversary my husband and I went on a beautiful Nile cruise. We booked the trip with Solaris Nile Cruises and decided to opt for the Luxor to Luxor 7 nights and 8 days trip because the option of 4 days seemed a little bit to short for the flight there.

The cruise was very well arranged and it was also very comfortable to be able to read the cruise itineray before the actual departure. Accomodation on board was good and there was a lot of entertainment providing the guests with egyptian performances and belly dancing shows.

The food was also of high standard...

Africa » Egypt » Luxor
13 November 2010
Luxor Egypt

The Karnak Temple is a beautiful temple complex near Luxor and it was also one of the day trips we went on during our holiday in Egypt.

The Karnak Temple Complex is located 4 km north of Luxor and any local tour agency can tak you up there in five minutes or even less if you're lucky enough to experience some real Luxor driving skills:)

On the left and at the bottom...