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Travel Blogs Egypt

Travel Blogs Egypt

Egypt is a country located in Africa. Egypt's capital is Cairo and the currency is the Egyptian Pound.

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Map of Egypt
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Travel Blogs Egypt

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Amazing Round Trip of Egypt

Africa » Egypt » Cairo
28 September 2011
Cairo Egypt

The last couple of weeks have been truly amazing and my trip to Egypt was so special and I have seen so many beautiful places that it will be hard to describe the magic of it all.

I always had this negative idea of Egypt for it being to touristic or even corky but standing in front of those pyramids you feel so small and it really takes you back to another era.

I knew I didn't want to stay three weeks in the same beach resort so me and my husband decided to go with a rountrip covering the most visited places in Egypt and covering both the beach as the sightseeing spots.


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Had an amazing trip with Aqua Blue Sharm

Africa » Egypt » Sharm el-Sheikh
11 June 2011

Me and my wife booked online a trip to Cairo with Aqua Blue Sharm excursions.

To be honest we were a little bit worry, as we never used the company before, but when they assured that they will collect the money when they will pick us for the trip, we accepted and gone through the booking form.

On time they came to pick us up, and we felt a lot of good treatment...

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Solaris Nile Cruise Egypt

Africa » Egypt » Luxor
31 May 2011
Luxor Egypt

To celebrate our 25th anniversary my husband and I went on a beautiful Nile cruise. We booked the trip with Solaris Nile Cruises and decided to opt for the Luxor to Luxor 7 nights and 8 days trip because the option of 4 days seemed a little bit to short for the flight there.

The cruise was very well arranged and it was also very comfortable to be able to read the cruise itineray before the actual departure. Accomodation on board was good and there was a lot of entertainment providing the guests with egyptian performances and belly dancing shows.

The food was also of high standard...

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Hotel in Hurghada Egypt

Africa » Egypt » Hurghada
07 February 2011
Hurghada Egypt

During my holiday two weeks ago in Hurghada me and my family stayed at the Shedwan Golden Beach Resort and eventhough we had to interrupt our holiday because of the political situation in Egypt at the moment I would like to take this opportunity to recommend this hotel.

The Shedwan Golden Beach Resort was very clean and well looked after. Our room was spacious and had a great beach view. There were also two pools which were nice.

During our time in Hurghada we did several tours into the desert where we visited a bedouin village and a quad motorbike ride which was a lot of fun,...

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Marsa Alam beach holiday, Egypt

Africa » Egypt » Marsa Alam
30 November 2010
Marsa Alam Egypt

My wife and myself have just returned from a holiday at the Brayka Bay Resort Marsa Alam in Egypt and had a great experience. The hotel was comfortable, clean and had a friendly staff.

It also had a nice pool, some bars and fantastic food. We had booked an all inclusive package so meals as breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets were included.

The staf was wonderfull...