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Travel Blogs Bahamas

Bahamas is a country located in South America. Bahamas's capital is Nassau and the currency is the Bahamian Dollar.

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Map of Bahamas
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Freeport - Cruise vacation to the Bahamas
Nassau - Sailboat trip to the Bahamas

Travel Blogs Bahamas

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Cruise vacation to the Bahamas

South America » Bahamas » Freeport
17 April 2010
Pictures of Nassau, the Bahama's Freeport

A cruise to the Bahamas is the perfect way to spend a dream holiday! We spend three days and two nights on board the Celebration Cruise Ship and had the best vacation.

It was amazing to visit the different cities during the day and enjoy the stunning sunsets on board of the ship at night.

We visited the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, Port Lucaya and Freeport which is a beautiful town with amazing beaches and a pittoresque centre.

The 2 night Bahama's Celebration Cruise leaves from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and will offer all types of...

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Sailboat trip to the Bahamas

South America » Bahamas » Nassau
06 March 2010
Islands of the Bahamas. Nassau

My two weeks trip to the Bahamas was a bit out of the ordinary but an amazing experience.

I spend the first week in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas and a beautiful place with colourful houses, tropical rhythms and a local market with a lot of great souvenirs.

The second week we spend on the sailboat of my father and visited some of the inhabited islands around...