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Travel Blogs Israel

Travel Blogs Israel

Israel is a country located in Middle East. Israel's capital is Jerusalem and the currency is the New Israeli Sheqel.

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Map of Israel
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Travel Blogs Israel

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Masada Israel cable car

Middle East » Israel » Mezada
12 August 2010
Mezada Israel

From Bethlehem we drove back north to Jerusalem where we had started our Israel trip and where me stopped for something to eat.

After a quick lunch we continued our journey in eastern direction heading to Masada which by some is known under the name of Mezada or Metzada as this is how its name is pronounced.

Masada is a popular tourist attraction for its ancient...

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Church of the Nativity Bethlehem

Middle East » Israel » Bethlehem
12 August 2010
Bethlehem Israel

From Jerusalem our bus tour continued to Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus Christ and the famous site of the Church of the Nativity.

The Church of the Nativity is the most important tourist attraction of Bethlehem and annually millions of tourists, pelgrims and other visitors come to Bethlehem to view the place where it all began.

According to the Holy Bible...

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Walking tours in Jerusalem

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem
11 August 2010
Jerusalem Israel

In June of last year I made the trip of a lifetime and definitely a journey I had wanted to go on for many years. I'd read many articles on different Israel travel projects and never was able to make the decision untill a year ago.

After browsing all the possible touring companies that arranged trips to Israel and looking at Middle East forums to check upon political background information...

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Jerusalem Travel Guide

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem
19 July 2010
Jerusalem Israel

Jerusalem is one the most important cities in the world's history and for a lot of tourists an ultimate travel destination because of its amazing tourist attractions and long history.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and whereas Tel Aviv is the modern side of a new Israel, Jerusalem reveals the rich past and religious background of this beautiful country, also known as the Promised...

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Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Middle East » Israel » Tel Aviv
22 June 2010
Tel Aviv Israel

In April I went to Israel on a holiday with my husband to visit Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, two of the most visited places in Israel which show an interesting contrast between historical sites and modern constructions.

We stayed one week in Tel Aviv and another 7 days in Jerusalem where we visited some of Israel's most precious heritage sites.

Jerusalem is a beautiful...