Travel Blogs Kazakhstan

Travel Blogs Kazakhstan

Travel Blogs Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country located in Asia. Kazakhstan's capital is Astana and the currency is the Tenge.

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Map of Kazakhstan
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Astana - Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan

Travel Blogs Kazakhstan

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Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan

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20 July 2010
Astana Kazakhstan

Astana is the capital of Kazakstan with a very modern and developed business district.

After our Gobi Desert adventure in Mongolia we decided to cross the border with Kazakhstan and extend our road trip in direction of Astana.

One of the most famous constructions in Astana would be the Bayterek Monument which looks like the World Cup Soccer trophy but than in a large enormous version of it.

In real life the Bayterek Monument has a much better meaning to it and hides a beautiful tale about a magic bird who nestled her egg in the middle of two large branches...