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Qatar is a country located in Middle East. Qatar's capital is Doha and the currency is the Qatari Rial.

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Doha - Things to do in Doha

Travel Blogs Qatar

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Things to do in Doha

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25 June 2010
Doha Qatar

For my work as an engineer I made a trip to Qatar which is one of the booming states of the Middle East and at least in the top 10 of most richest countries in the world.

Besides the things I had to do for work luckily I also had the opportunity to see something of Doha, the capital city of Qatar.

There are many things to do and see in Qatar and besides the top 10 reasons to stay in your ultra luxurious resort, as there are so many and good chances are yours comes with a gigantic pools and great indoor activities, there are also a lot of nice sites in and around Doha.