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Travel Blogs Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country located in Middle East. Saudi Arabia's capital is Riyadh and the currency is the Saudi Riyal.

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Mecca - The Masjid Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca

Travel Blogs Saudi Arabia

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The Masjid Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca

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11 January 2010
Driving into Mecca, Saudi Arabia Mecca

Mecca is home to the largest mosque in the world. The Masjid Al-Haram mosque, also known as the Grand Mosque, is considered the most sacred place on earth in the Islamic religion and attracts milions of pelgrims every year.

Mecca, also known as Makkah, can only be accessed by Muslims and driving into the city there is a road to follow for Muslims and non Muslims. Of course we had...