Cheap Hotels in Arnstadt Germany

Cheap Hotels in Arnstadt, Germany

Arnstadt, Germany
Ried 14
From 38.18 EUR per night

Great hotel, friendly staff and good facilities... Four stars

Arnstadt, Germany
Am Bahnhof 8
From 46.00 EUR per night

Nice hotel with great designed rooms and a beautiful city view. An easy walk to all the at.. Four stars

Arnstadt, Germany
Ried 3
From 50.00 EUR per night

The travel agency booked our stay at the Hotel Goldene Sonne and we had a great time. The .. Four stars

Arnstadt, Germany
From 55.00 EUR per night

We visited Arnstadt in august and had booked our two weeks holiday at the Hotel Prox throu.. Four stars

Arnstadt, Germany
Brauhausstrabe 1-3
From 59.00 EUR per night

Maybe one of the better hotels in Arnstadt because of its central location and great facil.. Four stars