Cheap Hotels in Emden Germany

Cheap Hotels in Emden, Germany

Emden, Germany
Auricher Strabe 20
From 50.00 EUR per night

I loved the Hotel Kronprinz for its central position. From the hotel it was a short walk t.. Four stars

Emden, Germany
Am Kleinbahnhof-Ost 7
From 51.00 EUR per night

The Hotel Am Kleinbahnhof made our trip to Emden even better and I was happy the travel ag.. Five stars

Emden, Germany
Friedrich-Ebert Strasse 33
From 64.00 EUR per night

Travelling by car I was pleased to see that the Alt-Emder Burgerhaus Hotel had enough park.. Four stars

Emden, Germany
Neuer Markt 7
From 65.00 EUR per night

Emden has a lot of nice hotels and I think the Hotel Deutsches Haus was one of the many go.. Five stars

Emden, Germany
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 73-75
From 73.95 EUR per night

I loved staying at the Upstalsboom Parkhotel and didn't want to leave! Of course we came t.. Five stars

Cheap Hotels Emden

Emden, Germany
Courbiauml;restr. 6
From 80.00 EUR per night

The Hotel Faldernpoort is a great hotel and I don't think I can think of any negative poin.. Five stars