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Travel Blogs Tehran

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Tehran is a city located in Iran, Middle East.

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Travel Blogs Tehran

Middle East » Iran » Tehran
15 December 2010
Tehran Iran

After a long flight with Iran Air we had arrived in Tehran, the capital of Iran and the destination of our winter holidays. At least once a year my parents plan their family visit in Iran but heading their in december was a first timer.

Tehran in winter time is beautiful with the imposing white Alborz Mountains in the background, turning the entire range into one big ski resort with...

Middle East » Iran » Tehran
21 June 2010
Tehran Iran

Last January we travelled from the US to Iran to make a trip through the country and visit the most important cities and sites.

From the USA it took us about 24 hours to get from New York to Tehran, the capital of Iran, and we paid about 1000 dollars for our ticket flying with Qatar Airlines. There was no direct flight available so we had to make a stop in Doha, Qatar.