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Travel Blogs Alice Springs

Travel Blogs Alice Springs

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Alice Springs in Northern Territory, Australia

Alice Springs is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Alice Springs

Oceania » Australia » Alice Springs
05 April 2011
Alice Springs Australia

For our anniversary I wanted to do something special and really surprise my wife so I knew she always wanted to travel into the outback and see Uluru the rock that really is the beating heart of Australia.

We had not been able to go on such a trip in the past and therefor I wanted to surprise her on the day of our anniversary with two airplane tickets from Perth to Alice Springs.

It sure was a surpise and she was so happy that who knows Alice Spings might become an annual travel destination for us!

We had booked our tickets with Qantas which I have always had...

Oceania » Australia » Alice Springs
01 November 2010
Alice Springs Australia

From Ayers Rock we drove down to Alice Springs, the nearest settlement in this area besides the Ayers Rock Resort.

Most people who visit Uluru but don't want to spend the nigh there either drive up there themselves from Alice Springs or join one of the many Ayers Rock tours that leaves Alice Springs every day.

Since we were travelling south in direction of Adelaide...