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Travel Blogs Hobart

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Hobart in Tasmania, Australia

Hobart is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Hobart

Oceania » Australia » Hobart
10 October 2010
Hobart Australia

Eventhough we had a rental car a great part of Hobart is easily explored by foot, especially around Salamanca Place and the Waterfront Area.

We followed the walking tour designed by Lonely Planet Australia which on a sunny day is a very nice itinerary to walk. There might not be a lot to see but if you like photographing the typical Tasmanian houses and taking a break at the local pastry shop then you'll enjoy your walking tour.

We made a stop at Jackman and McRoss, the local bakery and had some great chocolate muffins. Back at Salamanca Place down along Kellys Steps there are...

Oceania » Australia » Hobart
08 October 2010
Hobart Australia

During the three days we spent in Hobart our stay at Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart was perfect. The hotel is located at the waterfront right in the heart of Hobart.

This means getting to the city center during the day, maybe to visit the Salamanca markets on Saturday morning or to grab something to eat at one of the waterfront restaurants becomes really easy.

We did everything by foot and eventhough Hobart isn't that big it was quite comfortable to stay at the Grand Chancellor Hobart Hotel.

You can walk to the waterfront to try the real Tassie fish and chips...

Oceania » Australia » Hobart
17 November 2009
Hobart Australia

We arrived in Tasmania with Jetstar from Melbourne Tullamarine and luckily for us the weather was awesome, something which really isn't that usual for Tasmania. We decided to stay the first two days in Hobart, in the south of Tasmania, because we wanted to take out some time to relax...