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Travel Blogs Utrecht

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Utrecht in Netherlands

Utrecht is a city located in Netherlands, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Utrecht

Europe » Netherlands » Utrecht
13 December 2010
Utrecht Netherlands

At the moment I'm in Utrecht to do research for my MA and I will be staying here for the next three months. The Utrecht University is a great place and all the students are really nice and friendly.

In my first week in Utrecht I got the chance to explore some of the city center and of course the bars and restaurants where everyone is going!

I loved this bar called Winkel van Sinkel in the heart of Utrecht and it might be one of the most beautiful bars I've seen in Europe so far. It is enormous and always filled with people.

When you come to Utrecht make sure...

Europe » Netherlands » Utrecht
20 January 2010
Close to the University of Utrecht Utrecht

Utrecht is a great city in the centre of the Netherlands and a good place to stay if you're planning on visiting other parts of the country. The train connection to Amsterdam is good and it will take about half an hour to get from Utrecht to Amsterdam Central Station.

Utrecht itself has a lot to offer with some amazing shopping, great markets and nice restaurants. All these touristic...