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Travel Blogs Deventer

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Deventer in Overyssel, Netherlands

Deventer is a city located in Netherlands, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Deventer

Europe » Netherlands » Deventer
09 January 2010
Soldier statues in the Bergstraat Deventer

Every year the city of Deventer hosts the Dutch Charles Dickens Festival and attract tourists from all over. Even locals find it hard to get into the gates of the Wallstraat, the festivals main street and have to line up with the rest.

This year the festival was held in extreme weather conditions and at a certain point even the thermometer lost track at minus 13! While some people...

Europe » Netherlands » Deventer
27 September 2009
Deventer Netherlands

In Deventer every year people come to see the creative festival of Deventer op Stelten where artists from all over Europe come to show their moves on stilts.

During, I think, three or four days there are a lot of performances on the Brink, the main square in Deventer as well in the afternoon as late at night when you can enjoy the show while drinking a cocktail!

We visited the festival both during the day and in the evening and I must say that I was quite impressed by the show. Not only must it be really hard to walk on those stilts but imagine dancing around on them in heavy...