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Travel Blogs Puno

Travel Blogs Puno

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Puno in Peru

Puno is a city located in Peru, South America.

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Travel Blogs Puno

South America » Peru » Puno
03 August 2010
Puno Peru

We left the volcano landscape and the Colca Canyon behind to continue our road trip to Puno and the floating island of Lake Titicaca.

The Uros people of Puno are the habitants of the floating islands and take care of over 40 floating islands, all accessible by boat from Puno.

A visit to the floating islands has become a very touristic and almost tacky thing to...

South America » Peru » Puno
04 January 2010
Ancient Inca Ruins on Isla del Sol Puno

From Puno in Peru we went on a boat trip over lake Titicaca where we saw the floating islands. These islands are made out of bamboo and so are the little houses constructed on these floating panels.

The Titicaca Lake is situation on the borderline between Bolivia and Peru and is one of higest commercially navigable lakes in the world. While the westen part of the lake lies in the...