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Travel Blogs Atlanta

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Atlanta in Georgia, United States

Atlanta is a city located in United States, North America.

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Travel Blogs Atlanta

31 March 2011
Atlanta United States

Earlier this month my husband had to travel to Atlanta for work and asked me to come along with the kids after he had finished, just to spend some quality time with the family on a trip away from home.

In Atlanta we took the kids to visit the World of Coca Cola, since they are such fans..:) and they had a lot of fun.

Besides learning some more about the The Coca-Cola...

04 November 2010
Atlanta United States

In September I had to fly to Atlanta for business and stayed there for three days. Atlanta is a very nice city to visit with a very modern touch to it.

I had an apartment in Midtown Atlanta, a large financial district where a lot of important institutions have their offices.

I liked the architecture of the buildings in downtown Atlanta and...