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Travel Blogs Queenstown

Travel Blogs Queenstown

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Queenstown in Otago, New Zealand

Queenstown is a city located in New Zealand, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Queenstown

Oceania » New Zealand » Queenstown
25 August 2010
Queenstown New Zealand

After our loopdrive from Te Anau to Milford Sound and back we headed to Queenstown, one of the touristic getaway cities on New Zealand's South Island.

Queenstown was built on Queenstown Bay and still draws many tourists for its proximity to the stunning Lake Wakatipu which is beautifully placed north of the Remarkable Mountains.

Lake Wakatipu attracts a lot of...

Oceania » New Zealand » Queenstown
11 April 2010
Views across from Wanaka - real special place Queenstown

We just love visiting New Zealand every year if possible.. It just has so much magic moments every turn in the road...

You need at least 4 weeks for each island.. but we do it in sections over a period of 10 days each time.

Queenstown, is breath taking and we selected a place with spa and views. Day trips and boat trips are a must.. and an extra couple of days to see the fiords...