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Travel Blogs Kasane

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Kasane in North-West, Botswana

Kasane is a city located in Botswana, Africa.

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Travel Blogs Kasane

Africa » Botswana » Kasane
14 August 2010
Kasane Botswana

From the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe en Zambia we moved to Botswana where we went to visit the Chobe National Park, one of Africa's largest national parks and a great game resever to go on a wildlife safari.

The Chobe National Park might not be the largest game reserve in Botswana but it's a very popular one for its great variety of wildlife and good safari tours.


Africa » Botswana » Kasane
18 April 2010
Mom and baby baboon in Botswana Kasane

The Chobe National Park is the best place to spot elephants and an enormous game-reserve where you can do some great safari tours.

Touring over the Chobe River you can spot all kinds of wildlife on the river banks and you can count on some curious elephants, crocs and hippo's which come here to drink, hunt and chew on water plants.

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