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Travel Blogs Kaikoura

Travel Blogs Kaikoura

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Kaikoura in Canterbury, New Zealand

Kaikoura is a city located in New Zealand, Oceania.

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Kaikoura Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Kaikoura

Oceania » New Zealand » Kaikoura
26 July 2011
Kaikoura New Zealand

Hi you all!! This is Emily writing you from New Zealand where I just spent my first week exploring this amazing country. Me and my friends arrived little over a week ago in Kaikoura where we rented a Backpacker Campervan which is a great way to thavel through New Zealand since you can sleep in it and you will be able to fit five people like we did!

Point of departure was Kaikoura...

Oceania » New Zealand » Kaikoura
13 September 2010
Kaikoura New Zealand

Kaikoura is the place to travel to if you want to go on almost any possible wildlife tour as this is a haven for animals and mammals in particular.

Kaikoura is known for its superb whale watching, seal spotting and of course..swimming with the dolphins!

Who doesn't wan't to swim with dolphins? When we were planning our trip to New Zealand I knew that was one of...