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Travel Blogs Banff

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Banff in Alberta, Canada

Banff is a city located in Canada, North America.

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Travel Blogs Banff

North America » Canada » Banff
13 October 2011
Banff Canada

A trip to Banff or a weekend in this incredible part of Alberta is the perfect way to escape your everyday's routine and enjoy some of the area's most stunning places like Lake Louise, Johnstons Canyon, Lake Minnewanka or Lake Peyton.

I recently visited Banff with my church and with a group of 15 people we enjoyed a very spiritual weekend filled with new discoveries.


North America » Canada » Banff
20 July 2011
Banff Canada

Another great place to visit if you wan't to spend a weekend away from home like we did or maybe when you are travelling as a visitor to Alberta is Banff and beautiful Lake Louise.

Lake Louise is located in Banff National Park and a very popular destination with both locals and tourists for its stunning scenery and great outdoor activities like kayaking, horseback riding and hiking.