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Travel Blogs Oudtshoorn

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Oudtshoorn in Western Cape, South Africa

Oudtshoorn is a city located in South Africa, Africa.

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Oudtshoorn Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs Oudtshoorn

Africa » South Africa » Oudtshoorn
27 September 2011
Oudtshoorn South Africa

On that same route you will find Oudtshoorn which on its own marks the beginning of a new itinerary, the Route 62 wine route. Besides being known for its great wines Oudtshoorn has some other nice tourist hightlights.

I visited the Cango Caves at the foothills of the Swartberg range and the steep rock formations really challenged me but the caves were beautiful.

A good tip: On the road leading to the Cango Caves you will find the Cango Wildlife Ranch which is awesome.

They have all kinds of great animal displays and Cheetahland is really worth the ride to the...