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Travel Blogs Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country located in South America. Costa Rica's capital is San Jose and the currency is the Costa Rican Colon.

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Map of Costa Rica
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Travel Blogs Costa Rica

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Manuel Antonio National Park and Beaches

South America » Costa Rica » Quepos
22 September 2011
Quepos Costa Rica

While Dominical was a real dissapointment because of a bad hostel (The Refuge Hostel I believe..) and a bit of heavy rain fall moving up to Quepos was a pleasent surprise.

I visited the impressive Manuel Antonio National Park which is not only home to beautiful wildlife but also to some of the best beaches in Quepos so a great place to visit!

Make sure to continue...

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Puerto Jiminez Hostel Costa Rica

South America » Costa Rica » Puerto Jimenez
22 September 2011
Puerto Jimenez Costa Rica

From Cahuita in Costa Rica where my trip had started I travelled to Puerto Jimenez by bus which was a great little ride. Around town you will find some pretty impressive caiman crocs btw.

The reason for heading to Puerto Jimenez was that it is the point of departure for the Corcovado National Park and eventhough the three day jungle trek is quite rough the park is really worth it!


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Backpacking in Costa Rica

South America » Costa Rica » Cahuita
22 September 2011
Cahuita Costa Rica

Hi there! This is my first review blog about my backpacking holiday in Costa Rica where I had an amazing time and met loads of crazy friendly people.

The backpacking trip started in a place called Puerto Viejo in the Lemon Province where I stayed at a hostel called Rocking J's, the perfect place to meet new people, and a very laid back beach town to start your journey.


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Costa Rica Trekking

South America » Costa Rica » Monteverde
07 September 2011
Monteverde Costa Rica

Monteverde is a good place in Costa Rica if you are interested in trekking because the thick jungle of the Monteverde Cloud Forest makes for a perfect labyrinth and you will be able to spot some impressive wildlife as well.

Be sure to pack you most mudproof hiking shoes and equipment because you will get down and dirty!

If you want to stay close to nature stay...

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Studying abroad in Costa Rica

South America » Costa Rica » Playa Flamingo
16 June 2011
Playa Flamingo Costa Rica

Like I wrote in my previous blog I spent three months in Costa Rica where I studied in Playa Flamingo on the country's west coast. I added some pictures of my school and the area around town.

I would like to recommend a travel experience combined with a studying abroad experience to anyone who still is thinking about a similar experience because it will be the best thing you will...