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Travel Blogs La Fortuna

Travel Blogs La Fortuna

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La Fortuna in Alajuela, Costa Rica

La Fortuna is a city located in Costa Rica, South America.

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La Fortuna Travel Blogs

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Travel Blogs La Fortuna

South America » Costa Rica » La Fortuna
16 June 2011
La Fortuna Costa Rica

I stayed in Playa Flamingo during a period of three months as part of study exchange programme with Costa Rica and other countries of South America.

During the week I went to school and on the weekends there were a lot of great weekend trips from Playa Flamingo to explore different parts of Costa Rica like our day trip to the Arenal Volcano.

We also went to La...

South America » Costa Rica » La Fortuna
02 April 2011
La Fortuna Costa Rica

La Fortuna is a small town in Costa Rica which offers an amazing view of the active Arenal Volcano and will be a great place to stay because of its perfect location from where you can go on all sorts of dat trips.

We arrived at La Fortuna Airport and were brought to our hotel for the upcoming week, the Arenal Country Inn, a beautiful and serene place surrounded by lush gardens.