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Travel Blogs Croatia

Travel Blogs Croatia

Croatia is a country located in Europe. Croatia's capital is Zagreb and the currency is the Kuna.

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Map of Croatia
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Murter - Motorcycle Road trip in Croatia
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Travel Blogs Croatia

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A week in the capital city of Zagreb

Europe » Croatia » City of Zagreb
23 March 2010
Photos of my trip to Croatia. City of Zagreb

I have been to Croazia and to be precise in the capital city of Zagreb where I stayed for a week with a group of friends.

You will find a lot of beautiful landscapes around Zagreb and it's a really lovely and romantic place to visit.

The people were also very nice and they have something facinating about them.

It would be a great destination...

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Motorcycle Road trip in Croatia

Europe » Croatia » Murter
18 February 2010
Murter Croatia

In july of 2005 I went on a motor trip to Croazia and it really was one of the best trips I've ever made. My journey started in Rome, my home town. From Rome I drove to the port of Ancona on a short coast to coast trip.

After boarding the beautiful SNAV catamaran in Ancona it took me three hours to reach Croazia where I arrived in the city of Zara.

From here I...