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Travel Blogs Egypt

Egypt is a country located in Africa. Egypt's capital is Cairo and the currency is the Egyptian Pound.

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Map of Egypt
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Travel Blogs Egypt

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Luxor Temple Tour Egypt

Africa » Egypt » Luxor
13 November 2010
Luxor Egypt

The Karnak Temple is a beautiful temple complex near Luxor and it was also one of the day trips we went on during our holiday in Egypt.

The Karnak Temple Complex is located 4 km north of Luxor and any local tour agency can tak you up there in five minutes or even less if you're lucky enough to experience some real Luxor driving skills:)

On the left and at the bottom...

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Great tours in Marsa Alam

Africa » Egypt » Marsa Alam
28 March 2010
Photos of the Dream Lagoon Resort in Marsa Alam, Egypt. Marsa Alam

For me my trip to Egypt, and in Marsa Alam to be precise, was amazing and I really felt like I was spending seven days in paradise!

The resort I stayed at was called the Dream Lagoon and had an impeccable service.

Every morning I started the day with a rich fruits and sweets breakfast which was delicious. The resort had an all inclusive formula so all drinks,...

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Quad tour from Sharm el Sheik

Africa » Egypt » Sharm el-Sheikh
25 March 2010
Quad tour from Sharm el Sheik. Sharm el-Sheikh

I had an amazing holiday in Sharm el Sheik. It was my second time there and the beauty of the Red Sea with its beautiful coral reefs and colourful fish has not faded one bit!

Talking about fish makes me remember the amazing restaurants where you can order some of the best seafood dishes I've ever tasted!

From the sea you can easily pass to the rough landscapes...

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The contrast between Sharm and Naama Bay

Africa » Egypt » Sharm el-Sheikh
23 March 2010
Trying the famous narghile, Egypt. Sharm el-Sheikh

Egypt is a beautiful country with a very fascinating Arab culture. Walking through the streets you will see the women in their traditional clothing who look at you with a mixture of curiosity and disbelief.

The contrast between the traditional Egyptian culture and the tourist resorts created around Naama Bay is huge and you will pass from sacret places to wild party scenes where young people dance to modern Arab beats while having a great time.

Of course it's not all happiness and talking to some of the local guys was really interesting.

Learning more about...

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Cairo and the world's largest Museum

Africa » Egypt » Cairo
15 March 2010
Posing in front of the piramids. Cairo

During the summer of 2004 I went on a beautiful holiday to Egypt with my cousin and his family. We've been to Cairo which is a huge city with a lot of chaos.

I noticed the bad conditions in which some of the Egyptian people live and in a big city as Cairo you will find certain areas in which you maybe shouldn't go being a tourist.

We stayed at some friends of...