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Travel Blogs Egypt

Travel Blogs Egypt

Egypt is a country located in Africa. Egypt's capital is Cairo and the currency is the Egyptian Pound.

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Map of Egypt
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Travel Blogs Egypt

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Perfect stay at the Tulip Resort in Marsa Alam

Africa » Egypt » Marsa Alam
10 March 2010
Another swimming area at teh Tulip Resort in Marsa Alam, Egypt. Marsa Alam

I have been to Egypt for two weeks and stayed at the Tulip Resort in Marsa Alam. This amazing 5 star resort was beautifully designed with a Mexican and Egyptian touch.

There were three swimming areas in the resort with one especially assigned for the little children. The other swimming pools had a bar in the centre of the swimming area where you could order drinks and enjoy the great...

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Camel ride to the bedouin villages of Marsa Alam

Africa » Egypt » Marsa Alam
03 March 2010
Mao, the guy from the animation and me. Marsa Alam

I visited Egypt before and spend two weeks in Sharm el Sheik but this trip I wanted to dedicate to a different part of the country. I decided to go to Marsa Alam, an amazing place where you will find a stunning nature and a less chaotic lifestyle.

Personally I prefer my trip to Marsa Alam eventhough I had a great time in Sharm el Sheik. You can do so many interesting excursions...

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The rich and fascinating culture of Egypt

Africa » Egypt » Cairo
02 March 2010
The pyramids in Egypt. Cairo

Egypt is one of the most popular travel destinations and every year tons of tourists travel to Sharm el Sheik or the capital of Cairo to see the wonders of this beautiful country for themselves.

There are so many things to see and visit from the Nile river, the pyramids and sphinxes to the treasures of Tuthankhamun.

The fascinating mummies continue to tell the story of Egypt millions of years later and the stories you remember hearing when you were little actually come to live!

Egypt is more than just a big tourist attraction and I would recommend everybody...

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Pictures of Naama Bay in Sharm el Sheikh

Africa » Egypt » Sharm El Sheikh
21 January 2010
Naama Bay in Sharm el Sheikh Sharm El Sheikh

Naama Bay is the centre of Sharm el Sheikh and here you will find most of the hotels, restaurants and bars. Its a good location and close to the beach as well.

Snorkeling or diving trips can be booked almost anywhere and you won't have a lot of trouble spotting some of the colourful marine life as Sharm el Sheikh is world famous for its impressive coral reefs and many species of...

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The Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt

Africa » Egypt » Cairo
31 December 2009
The Sphinx of Giza near Cairo Cairo

The Great Sphinx of Giza, near Cairo, in Egypt is one of the most impressive places on my journey through Northern Africa and the greatness of it will keep you gazing.

The Sphinx of Giza is the oldest sculpture in the world known the mankind and represents the Sphinx, a powerfull sculpture with the head of a human and the body of a lion that sits high and overlooks the westbank of...