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Travel Blogs Petra

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Petra in Al `Aqabah, Jordan

Petra is a city located in Jordan, Middle East.

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Travel Blogs Petra

Middle East » Jordan » Petra
06 September 2010
Petra Jordan

From Amman our tour bus drove us to Petra, probably Jordan most popular touristic drawcard as most visitoris come here for the red desert tours to Wadi Rum and

Wadi Rum is also known as the Valley of the Moon and as soon as you start to enter it's territory you'll understand why as it really has something magical about it and you keep wandering how this valley was created and cut...

Middle East » Jordan » Petra
15 July 2010
Petra Jordan

Petra is one of the most important cities of Jordan and a major drawcard for tourists visiting the country. On our holiday to Jordan last last November me, my wife, and two kids went to visit the ruins of Petra.

We wanted to do a tour to the famous Great Temple of Petra, also known as the Petra monastery or Petra treasury, and came accross a horse riding tour we fell in love with straightaway.

The horse ride was so enchanting it's hard to describe it by words.

The scenery of this city carved out of the red rocks is so mystic and crossing red valleys and passing...

Middle East » Jordan » Petra
14 February 2010
Desert of Wadi Ramm in Jordan Petra

I practically travelled all the angles of Jordan and saw a lot of beautiful places. Before heading to Jordan my intentions were to travel to Iraq but unfortunately the embassy couldn't grant me the necessary documents so it was over to plan B and a flight to Amman, the capital of Jordan!

Besides the capital of Amman I visited Mount Nebo, the place where Moses witnessed the Promised...