Travel Blogs Mozambique

Travel Blogs Mozambique

Travel Blogs Mozambique

Mozambique is a country located in Africa. Mozambique's capital is Maputo and the currency is the Metical.

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Map of Mozambique
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Travel Blogs Mozambique

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Ilha de Mocambique Hotel

Africa » Mozambique » Ilha de Mocambique
16 May 2011
Ilha de Mocambique Mozambique

The Escondidinho Hotel was a great find when my boyfriend and I were looking for a place to stay on Ilha de Mocambique where we would enjoy two amazing weeks.

The Escondidinho is a hotel located in a beautiful old house with a very modern Mediterranean (the owner is Italian) feel to it at the same time. In the hotel we were happy to find different lounge areas where you could sit down, read a book or enjoy a glass of wine.

The rooms were nice and we also enjoyed the outside pool the hotel has to offer. The hotel has an adjacent French Restaurant which is called the Econdidinho...

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Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mozambique

Africa » Mozambique » Tofo
11 May 2010
Tofo Mozambique

In 2008 me and my best friend Roger went on our first African adventure to Mozambique. Our main goal was to get our PADI diploma and dive the reefs of the East African coast, including the islands of Mayotte and Comores which are situated off the coast between Mozambique and Madagascar.

Not knowing how long we were going to stay in Mozambique we only booked a one-way ticket which...