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Travel Blogs Shanghai

Travel Blogs Shanghai

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Shanghai in China

Shanghai is a city located in China, Asia.

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Travel Blogs Shanghai

Asia » China » Shanghai
21 October 2012
Shanghai China

I am glad I have taken the time to start my business trip earlier, and had a fantastic weekend & introduction thanks to Shanghaiwalker, Definitely a recommendable! These enthusiastic people have show me not only the highlights...

Asia » China » Shanghai
12 September 2010
Shanghai China

This May my family and I went to China for a three weeks round trip. We firs travelled to Shanghai, in the eastern part of China and from here we continued our journey to Beijing, Pinyao, Xian and Yangshuo.

I started this travel blog to share my travel stories and pictures with other people who might want to visit China as it truly is a gorgeous country.

I have...

Asia » China » Shanghai
23 March 2010
The skyline of Shanghai, China. Shanghai

A couple of years ago a friend of mine invited to celebrate New Years Eve at his place, in Shanghai!

This obviously was an offer I wasn't going to refuse so I packed my bags and took a flight to China.

Eventhough today my trip to Shanghai is a distant memory I will never forget the amazing ten days I spend there. I stayed in Shanghai from the 27th od Dicember...

Asia » China » Shanghai
03 March 2010
Hong Kong Plaza in Shanghai. Shanghai

In july of 2005 I had to make a trip to China for work and had the opportunity to spend a week in Shanghia.

The flight from Franfurt in Germany to Shanghai took about twelve hours and eventhough I was pretty tired upon arrival the beauty of this city kept me gazing around.

Shanghai can be devided into the older city and the modern CBD filled with skyscrapers and...