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Travel Blogs Kalbarri

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Kalbarri in Western Australia, Australia

Kalbarri is a city located in Australia, Oceania.

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Travel Blogs Kalbarri

Oceania » Australia » Kalbarri
10 April 2010
River view from Nature's Window, Kalbarri Kalbarri

The river gorges of Kalbarri National Park are a popular touristic hot spot and known for its amazing lookouts and beautiful rock sculptures.

Maybe one of the most photographed places would be Nature's Window, a spectacular rock arch at The Loop which frames an amazing view capturing the river and the valley below.

To get to The Loop you need to prepare yourself and carry enough drinking water, some sandwiches, a full tank and a map or guide of the area.

From town you can just follow Ajana Kalbarri Road untill you reach the Kalbarri National Park turn off....

Oceania » Australia » Kalbarri
10 April 2010
The eroded rocks at Mushroom Rock, Kalbarri, Australia Kalbarri

Kalbarri is a town in Western Australia with a beautiful coastlines and some challenging hiking trails.

There are many touristic sights spread over the coast from the particular coastal cliffs and viewpoints to amazing rock sculptures like Mushroom Rock.

Mushroom Rock is a rock sculpture eroded by the forces or time in the shape of a mushroom.


Oceania » Australia » Kalbarri
02 February 2010
Cute little parrot eating Kalbarri

Kalbarri in Western Australia has an amazing landscape with beautiful wilfdflowers, immense rock formations and a beautiful ocean. Just to see all these things you would need to spend at least two days here. And if you're done driving around there's one tourist attraction you should still visit; The Rainbow Jungle.

The Rainbow Jungle in Kalbarri is a zoo specially built for parrots and visitors can walk through several different habitats to see the zoo's parrots. From cockatoos, parrots and lovebirds to parakeets and sun conures, the Rainbow Jungle has them all!

There is even...

Oceania » Australia » Kalbarri
26 December 2009
Kalbarri Australia

Kalbarri in Western Australia is a great place to photgraph wildflowers in season when the fields get their amazing colours.

Western Australia is famous for its gorgeous wilflowers and Kalbarri is a great place to enjoy these beautiful flowers. There are more then 10.000 wildflower species and in spring numerous tourists make their way to this part of Australia.

The pink mulla mulla wildflower or the Bright Podolepis wildflower can be spotted from your car while driving through the Kalbarri National...