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Travel Blogs Tunis

Travel Blogs Tunis

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Tunis in Tunisia

Tunis is a city located in Tunisia, Africa.

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Travel Blogs Tunis

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis
01 March 2010
Panoramic photos of Tunisia. Tunis

I was able to make this trip to Tunisia thanks to a competition held at my high school. I registered for a course of eight months to compete with the other students for the highest score. At stake was a trip of nine days to Tunis, the capital of Tunisia.

Luckily I was selected and so were a couple of my friends. Excited for our first big trip we packed our bags and flew off to Tunisia...

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis
17 February 2010
Tunis Tunisia

You hear a lot of positive things about Tunisia, the country of the good weather, the charming cities and the good life. Most of the time these are just stories of people who didn't even came out of their all inclusive hotels or luxurious resorts.

For those who really want to explore Tunisia and get to know the people, their culture and their lifestyle, the best thing would be to...