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Travel Blogs Muscat

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Muscat in Masqat, Oman

Muscat is a city located in Oman, Middle East.

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Travel Blogs Muscat

Middle East » Oman » Muscat
22 November 2010
Muscat Oman

I travelled to Oman earlier this month where I had to be in Muscat, the capital of Oman, for business.

In total I stayed ten days including a weekend off which we could spend sightseeing around Muscat or in whatever way we would like to.

Together with two of my colleagues I decided to rent a car and make the most out of our travel time in Muscat and at least have...

Middle East » Oman » Muscat
31 December 2009
Amazing Gorge at Wadi Tiwi, Oman Muscat

Oman is famous for its beautiful beaches, mountains, deserts and wadis. Wadis are valleys where dry river beds can become amazing oasis after heavy rainfall. The panorama at an Omani wadi is never the same as water levels vary and plants and palms go their own way.

It's amazing to be able to witness these natural ponds colouring underneath the sun showing off their blue and greenish...