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Travel Blogs Florence

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Florence in Tuscany, Italy

Florence is a city located in Italy, Europe.

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Travel Blogs Florence

Europe » Italy » Florence
26 January 2011
Florence Italy

Me and my friends celebrated this New Years Eve in Florence at a club called the Yab. The club wasn't to big but quite fancy and they had arranged for a really nice programme.

The evening started around 9pm with a dinner inside the club, and tables were set up on the dancefloor. There were several courses and the food was good.

We had different types of pasta,...

Europe » Italy » Florence
15 July 2010
Florence Italy

During 7 months I lived in Rome for my job and in the weekends I always tried to explore either the more rural sites around the city or organize some trips with my colleages to other cities like Florence or Venice.

A day trip to Florence from Rome will take you a bit by car so getting up really early would be a smart idea. Of course you don't have to make a day trip out of it because Florence is a beautiful city and you could easily spend a few days here.

Because we had organized this day trip to Florence we all decided to start driving around 6 in the morning, which obviously...

Europe » Italy » Florence
26 February 2010
The Duomo of Florence. Florence

Florence is the birthplace of Italy's most talented artists and a historic wonderland for art enthusiasts. Walking around you will see Giotto's campanile, Brunelleschi's Basilica of S. Lorenzo and masterpieces sculptered by the hand of Michelangelo like the famous David.

You will also be able to admire the Palazzo Vecchio or the impressive Duomo. Walking through the city of Florence...